Splash Gomera - Dive Sites

Dive Sites

The fascinating scenery offered to divers includes bizarre rock formations, cliffs and sandy planes, not to mention a diverse fauna.

Diving is especially popular to the south of the island, around Playa Santiago, because the Atlantic shows itself from a peaceful perspective here. In the ever changing diving areas off of La Gomera, you can not only see shimmering schools of fish but also much larger ones.

Splash Gomera - Dive Sites

Diving Spots Full of Fish

Barracudas, pike or tuna can be found in abundance in the waters of La Gomera. Various species of ray can also be seen frequently along with turtle and bream. Bright parrotfish, ocean perch, scorpion fish and trumpet fish can be found in many places.

Splash Gomera - Dive Sites

Smaller Inhabitants

Large rocks covered in sponges and unique stone formations complete the underwater landscape, which offers brilliant conditions for even the smallest of life forms. Besides magnificent anemones and sponges, many sea snails and crabs can be spotted.

Many Subtropical Species

You will be amazed by all the subtropical species such as trumpet fish, parrot fish, clown fish, as well as powerful stingrays, eagle rays and electric rays. Not to mention sierras, barracudas, tuna and zachis. Brown or black and sometimes even tiger moray can be spotted, hidden in rock crevices.


We have over 20 Dive sites...

...within 15 minutes ride in our RIB “El Macla” & are constantly exploring & adding new dive sites as we find them. La Gomera has 92km of virtually unexplored & un-dived coastline. For the more experienced & adventurous there are drift dives, caves & deep reefs to explore. With sea temperatures between 18 C to 24 C and beautiful clear blue water La Gomera offers some of the best diving in the Canary Islands. There are no hoards of dive boats leaving the harbour & no curtains of bubbles on every dive site. The sub tropical waters, rocky reefs & sandy bottom are home to 100s of species of fish and invertebrates. The conditions are excellent for photographers or those with video equipment. 

these include:

Splash Gomera - Dive Sites

Punta del Espino

Depth: 10 - 22m

This dive site is just outside the harbour of Playa Santiago. The seabed is rocky reefs and sand and is home to a large shoal of Bastard Grunts (Pomadasys incises) and Shoals of Bogue (Boops boops). Hiding under the rocks you will find Glasseye (Heteropriacanthus cruentatus) and occasionally a very shy Spotfin Burrfish (Chilomycterus reticulatus) or Dusky Grouper (Epinephelus marginatus). In the sandy areas you will find Garden eels (Heteroconger longissimus) as far as you can see. Very often you will see various species of rays, including Round Stingrays (Taeniura grabata), Common stingrays (Dasyatis pastinaca), Common Eagle rays (Myliobatis Aquila) and Bull Rays (Pteromylaeus bovinus), passing through on their way to or from the harbour where they go looking to feed on the scraps thrown overboard by the fishermen.

Splash Gomera - Dive Sites

El Aguila

Depth: 6 – 20m

Situated below the airport of Playa Santiago it takes only a few minutes to get to by boat. The main feature is one big cave, but, in addition there are three smaller caves to explore. In the caves you often find Spotfin Burrfish (Chilomycterus reticulatus) and sleeping rays. Outside of the caves there may be shoals of barracuda and angel shark sleeping under the sand.


Depth: 5 – 20m

Towards San Sebastian this site takes approx. 10 minutes to get to by boat. This dive is around a large reef comes up from the seabed to the surface. There is tunnel through the centre which can be swum through by the more adventurous. You often find sleeping stingrays inside. Outside, there are often shoals of curious looking Trumpet fish (Aulostomus strigosus).

Punta Guincho

Depth: 5 – 22m

11 minutes from the harbour lies the Punta Guincho site with a swim through arch at 20m and a cave at 12m. There is a large rock platform with basalt columns rising from one end. This site is full of features and will take more than one dive to see everything. Plenty of stingrays, lobsters, nudibranchs, garden eels and shoals of Bream

Splash Gomera - Dive Sites

Roque Del Herrero

Depth: 8 – 24m

15 minutes towards San Sebastian by boat. This site offers divers the opportunity to dive around a large rock rising from the seabed to above the surface, but it has a large platform at approx. 14m to 24m where Breams, Jacks and Barracuda feed. Lobsters, Moray Eels and Octopus can also be found among the crevices and holes.