Splash Gomera - Snorkelling



Mask, snorkel & fins €8 / day
Mask & snorkel €5 / day
Fins €3 / day
Shorty wetsuit (3mm) €5 / day
Full wetsuit (5mm)€7 / day


Guided snorkelling excursions enable you to be taken to the best sites and be shown just where the best places are located.
Equipment and guide included for €35 per person. (Minimum of 2 people required)


 Price: €55 per person. (Minimum of 2 people required)

Learn to snorkel and skin dive!

This course helps you explore the underwater world from the surface, without the need to use scuba equipment. It provides basic information on skin diving equipment, dive science, the environment, problem management and safe skin diving practices.

You learn various techniques for donning and adjusting equipment, entering the water, checking buoyancy, surface swimming, clearing water from your snorkel and performing effortless surface dives.

Then you practice using your mask, fins and snorkel effectively so you don’t miss a moment of underwater action. You can then join us on an optional open water dive to use your new skills.